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BUY Aug 26' 2021 (Japan)

We are wholesalers of glass for electric lamps and glass tubes, precision electronic components including flat panel displays, FRP and glass cloth, as well as glassware for medical cosmetic, scientific and household applications. Please visit our website to know more about us. We are ready to buy 99.9% pure...

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BUY Aug 13' 2021 (Bahrain)

We are one of the largest metal trading houses in the country. We also provide exceptional metal cutting and metal bending services. Our website will provide detailed information. Now we are looking to buy teflon sheets, plates and tubes to develop and design intricate components such as circuit boards, pumps...

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BUY Jun 25' 2021 (Australia)

Our company was established in 1975 and now we are one of the largest suppliers of raw materials, ingredients and advanced technologies to the Australasian region. Please see our website. For industrial use we are ready to buy liquid acrylic resin, isophthalic resin and epoxy resin in bulk. We also...

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BUY Jun 14' 2021 (Spain)

We are ready to buy PVC resin K66-88. We would buy these polymer resin in bulk . With more than 20 years experience we are a distribution company of raw materials for the industry in general. Please have a look at our website. Kindly approach us if you are in...

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BUY Apr 23' 2021 (Japan)

Our company was founded in1947. We are a Japan-based company, engaged in manufacturing prepared foods and other food ingredients to food manufacturers. For detailed information please visit our website. We need to buy 100 % pure dried chilli and pepper powder. We need paprika oleo resin packed in 20 kg -...

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BUY Apr 16' 2021 (Qatar)

We are importing polyurethane and acrylic resin for waterproofing of roof, bathroom and office building. Our company was established in 2004, we offer a wide range of hardware products and solutions for residential, commercial and OEM customers. Please have a look at our website. Kindly provide your chemical details and...

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BUY Mar 26' 2021 (Bangladesh)

Our company has started its journey from early 2000. We are the manufacturer and importer of ink. Please see our website. We need to buy redispersible powders, powder defoamer and expanding agent powder. We will buy these 100% pure powdered polymers for the paint industry. Your quotation should be supported...

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BUY Jan 12' 2021 (Sri Lanka)

Our company was established in the year 2009 as an importer and applicator/ installer of passive fire protection systems, fiber reinforced polymer strengthening systems and chemical and mechanical fastener systems in Sri Lanka. Kindly have a look at our website. Right now we are importing clear epoxy liquid glue, plastic...

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BUY Dec 29' 2020 (Sri Lanka)

We are going to buy alkyd resins S-5060 (resin content 80+/-2 %), polyamide resin (SP-115) and hardener 100%. We will buy these alkyd resin in bulk. Our company is a manufacturing cum trading organization for chemicals & allied products specialized in waterborne polymer dispersions. For detailed information please visit...

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BUY Nov 09' 2020 (Sri Lanka)

We have been the market leader in the fragrance industry in Sri Lanka since 1945; we are representative and sole agent of several top fragrance houses around the world. Right now we want to buy pure liquid and high graded resins of apricot, alcoholate and acetate butyl natural. We look...

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