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BUY Sep 21' 2021 (Singapore)

Now we want to buy wooden, charcoal and bamboo incense sticks. We will buy these rose, jasmine and lavender incense sticks in bulk. Our company was established in 1966 and we are selling textiles, batik, perfumes and Agarwood. Please have a look at our website to know more about us ....

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BUY Aug 10' 2021 (Hong Kong)

We are a Hong Kong company dealing in stones, diamonds, jewellery, hair ornaments and fashion accessories. We are looking to buy natural aromatic incense sticks with fragrances of rose, jasmine and lavender. We need these natural wooden, bamboo and charcoal incense sticks in bulk. Interested suppliers are requested to provide...

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BUY Jul 28' 2021 (Malaysia)

We are Malaysia leading importers of spices, food grains etc. We also deal in all types of textiles traditional and modern designs readymade garments. We are searching for the suppliers who can supply perfumed agarbatti. We need these lavender, sandal and rose fragrant long aromatic incense sticks in bulk. For...

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BUY Jul 23' 2021 (USA)

We are looking to buy incense and candle gift sets in various fragrances. Now we will buy 10 to 50 gift sets. Later we would buy 300 incense and candle gift sets on a regular basis. We need these private labelled gift sets in various packings. We also need samples...

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BUY Feb 26' 2021 (Thailand)

We are the leading importer of products from India. We are the sole distributor in Thailand, selling products in both wholesale & retail trade at a suitable price. To know more please visit our website. We are looking to buy various fragrant incense sticks such as rose fragrant incense sticks and...

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BUY Feb 11' 2021 (Singapore)

We need to buy raw incense sticks We will buy these aromatic incense sticks made up of leaf, wood, mugwort leaves and wormwood. We are a shopping and retail fragrances store offering high quality fragrances products and bespoke services. For detailed information please visit our website. Reliable suppliers are requested...

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BUY Nov 17' 2020 (Israel)

We are an importer and manufacturer of candles and various atmosphere products such as: aromatic oils for the burner, scent diffusers, soap chips, lanterns, glass balls for candles, oil burners and more.You are free to visit our website to know our product range We are looking for suppliers of...

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