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BUY Oct 25' 2021 (New Zealand)

We are a sheepskin tannery and manufacturer based in New Zealand and have been producing the world’s softest sheepskins products since 1969. Please see our webpage to know our product range. We are going to buy the best quality sheepskin leather slippers. We will buy these leather slippers in...

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BUY Oct 21' 2021 (France)

We are ready to buy sandals, slippers, wedges, heels and boots for women. We will buy these leather, nylon and synthetic footwear in brown, tan, silver, grey and black colors in bulk. We also need samples to check before we place the final order. We are a fashion store . We...

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BUY Oct 05' 2021 (UK)

Since 1994 our company has been designing and producing fast fashion products, footwear and accessories for men, women and children. To know our product range please have a look at our homepage. Right now we are looking to import sneakers, shoes, heels and sandals for men, women and children. We...

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BUY Sep 14' 2021 (Israel)

Currently, we are planning to buy leather, fabric and synthetic sneakers, shoes, heels and sandals. We would prefer to buy these footwear in all sizes and colours. We are an Israel based clothing store and distributor of international brands. We provide readymade apparels and accessories in trendy design. Looking to...

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BUY Sep 09' 2021 (Hong Kong)

We intend to import shoes, sandals, flip flops and loafers. We will import these leather, PU and rubber footwear in various sizes and colors in bulk. Ours is a fashion store , established in 1988. We are dedicated to exploring unique, cutting-edge designs, advocating creative and quality collections. Our website...

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BUY Sep 01' 2021 (Denmark)

We have put together a collection of exciting brands for children aged 0-14 and we cover everything from must-have basics to strong and functional clothing in beautiful designs. Please make a visit to our website for further information. We are interested in buying cotton, silk, polyester, leather and...

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BUY Aug 13' 2021 (Australia)

Right now we want to buy fancy and casual shoes for girls of the age group from three years to eleven years. We are a baby and children's goods store in Australia. We manufacture baby girls garments, hair accessories, capes, ballet slippers, swim and resort wear. Please see our...

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BUY Aug 10' 2021 (Oman)

We are going to buy casual and formal boots, loafers, sandals and ballerinas for men and women. We would buy these footwear in adult sizes, in various colours in bulk. Established in 2002, our company is the leading manufacturer of uniform clothing and equipment in the entire GCC. For detailed...

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BUY Aug 02' 2021 (Australia)

We are Australia's largest saddlery store. Please have a look at our website to see our product range. Now we are going to buy natural rubber knee boots and shoes for men and women. We want these boots and shoes with adjustable straps and V-gore gussets and in...

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BUY Jun 30' 2021 (Indonesia)

We need to buy durable shoe uppers of canvas, satin and suede and soles of TPR and PU. We will buy these shoe upper and soles in all available sizes in brown, black, grey and white colors. Our company was established in 1988. We are specialized in leather, textile and...

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