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BUY Aug 16' 2021 (UK)

We are one of the biggest smoked meat and smoked fish suppliers in the UK .Our website will help you to know more about us. We are interested in buying frozen mackerel smoked fish in bulk. Sample is needed to check the quality. We look forward to hearing from interested...

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BUY Aug 12' 2021 (Kuwait)

Right now we need to buy canned sardines and tuna fish in bulk. For checking quality, we need to receive samples. We are a Kuwait based company, supplying everything needed to prepare the perfect Indian meal. Our website will help you to know our company profile . Kindly get in touch...

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BUY Aug 03' 2021 (Netherlands)

At present we want to buy frozen mackerel, tuna, samuel fish, cuttlefish and rohu. We will buy these frozen fish in bulk and we want a small sample of these frozen fish before ordering. We started our journey in 1991 and now we are the leading European importer and distributor...

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BUY Jul 23' 2021 (Singapore)

We are a fish product company, trading in agriculture and aquaculture products. Please visit our website to know our company profile and product range. We are going to buy liquid fish oil in bulk. We request interested suppliers to contact us with best quotes and shelf life details. Price Terms :...

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BUY Apr 20' 2021 (Japan)

We are going to buy dried rohu mackerel and tuna fish with low fat, low salt, GM and caffeinated. We will buy these dried fish packed in vacuum boxes in bulk. Our company was founded in 1998. We are a wholesale distributor of groceries and importer of food products. Interested...

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BUY Mar 23' 2021 (Bangladesh)

We are a multifunctional import, marketing and distributor company in Bangladesh since 2002. We offer health, beauty and agricultural products. For detailed information please see our website. At present we are going to buy pure sardine fish oil for animal feed supplement packed in 190 Kg drums in bulk. Suppliers...

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BUY Mar 18' 2021 (Malaysia)

Our company was established in 2010 and we are into trading of frozen foods, fresh and frozen seafood and other food products. We are going to buy dry and fresh frozen squid loligo crabs, shrimps and lobsters in bulk. We want these frozen sea food packed in 6 X 1....

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BUY Mar 16' 2021 (Kuwait)

With our headquarter in UAE, we are a major importer and distributor of meat, poultry, seafood, and other food products. Please access our website to know more about us. We would prefer to buy whole and cleaned, frozen, vannamei shrimps, crabs and octopus in bulk. We look forward to hearing...

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BUY Mar 05' 2021 (Japan)

We are a Japan based trading company. We are sourcing, shipping and distributing a wide range of commodities, from food materials and petrochemicals to animal feed and materials.Please see our website. Right now we are required to buy fish oil with maximum 10% FFA and minimum 25% EPA+DHA....

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BUY Jan 22' 2021 (Singapore)

We are a major local importer, wholesaler and distributor of dried goods and general provisions. Please access our website to view the product range. We are looking to import dried anchovies for garnishing. We will import these dried anchovies, in bags packing in bulk. Looking to receive competitive offers and...

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