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BUY Sep 29' 2021 (Kuwait)

Currently we need to buy antique and decorative octavia mirrors and glam floor mirrors. We need these good quality mirrors with steel frames in various shapes and colors in bulk. Our company was launched in 1991 and now we are number one in the electrical and lighting field. We also...

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BUY Aug 24' 2021 (New Zealand)

We are a global engineering leader and innovator of performance-improving technical solutions, integrated systems design and consulting services for customers in the various industries. Please access our website. We need to buy float glass for industrial use. We need these float glass in various sizes in bulk quantity. Please...

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BUY Aug 23' 2021 (Japan)

We would like to buy medical glasses in various shapes and sizes. We want clear glasses in various frames in bulk. We are wholesalers of glass for electric lamps and glass tubes, precision electronic components including flat panel displays, FRP and glass cloth, as well as glassware for medical cosmetic,...

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BUY Jul 23' 2021 (Philippines)

We are interested in buying empty glass bottles for beverages. We have been a supplier of packaging materials since 1994. We provide glass bottles for pharmaceutical companies for medicine and glass jars for food use. We need these bottles in various shapes with 60ml to 120 capacity. You are requested...

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BUY Jul 14' 2021 (Spain)

We are a Spain based company. We offer furniture and interior design material and accessories. Please have a look at our homepage to know our product range. At present we want to buy classic and modern vases, artware items, candle holders and wall decor in clear and transparent colours. We...

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BUY Feb 02' 2021 (Barbados)

Ours is a construction business based in Barbados. We are engaged in architectural services and land development business. Now we need to buy bathroom vanities in size between 30 inches and 36 inches and with good quality mirrors in various sizes. We need these vanities and pantries in 3 ft...

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BUY Jan 22' 2021 (Sri Lanka)

We are looking for Indian suppliers who can supply hollow and solid wired glass of all types such as clear glass, painted glass, frosted glass, laminated glass, stained glass and tempered glass. We need these clear wired glass in 10mm to 50mm thickness Ours is a diversified engineering organisation engaged...

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BUY Jan 18' 2021 (Singapore)

Our company was incorporated in 1989. We are a reliable and efficient distributor of high quality building products, catering to the needs of the construction industry. Our website will help you to know more about us. For industrial use we need to buy double sided silicon coated glass fabric for...

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BUY Jan 14' 2021 (Jordan)

Our company was established in 1973 and specializing in aluminum doors, curtains and windows. Our website will help you to know more. Now we are looking to buy solid and hollow insulated glass and low-e float glass. We need to buy these clear glass, laminated glass, stained glass, tempered...

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BUY Nov 10' 2020 (Saint Helena)

Now we want to buy Tempered SGP laminated glass in 12.89mm and 13.52mm dimensions with clear glass, coated glass, figured glass, frosted glass, laminated glass, stained glass, tempered glass, tinted glass, wired glass technique. Structure of these SGP laminated glass will be hollow, solid to be used as...

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