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BUY Sep 21' 2021 (Singapore)

Now we want to buy wooden, charcoal and bamboo incense sticks. We will buy these rose, jasmine and lavender incense sticks in bulk. Our company was established in 1966 and we are selling textiles, batik, perfumes and Agarwood. Please have a look at our website to know more about us ....

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BUY Sep 15' 2021 (New Zealand)

We are wholesalers and distributors of furniture, lighting and home ware. Please go through our website for more details. We are Looking for cotton, silk, linen and polyester bed sheets, pillow covers, cushion covers and other bed linen items. We need these plain, dyed and printed bed linen in various...

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BUY Sep 10' 2021 (Australia)

We are a trading company established in 2014. Our Mission is to create a strong liaison between buyers and factories & our Vision is to work and grow together. Please have a look at our website. We are looking for Indian suppliers who can supply bamboo and tencel fibre duvet covers...

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BUY Sep 07' 2021 (Netherlands)

We are interested to buy bookshelves, sideboards, coffee tables, bedside tables, stools, writing desks, dining tables, Tv cabinets, beds, sofas, chairs and recliners . We need these wooden, iron, rattan and bamboo furniture for indoor, outdoor, homes and offices in bulk. We are one of the most diverse retailers of the...

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BUY Sep 07' 2021 (Japan)

Our company was established in 2003 as an international trading company. And until now we have survived and keep growing in this rapidly changing business environment. Please take a look at our homepage. We are in search of suppliers who can supply bamboo baskets, fans, bowls and frames. We need...

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BUY Sep 06' 2021 (Netherlands)

We are one of the most diverse retailers of the Netherlands since our establishment in 1973. All the products we carry are a little bit different, as we collect the best pieces from around the world. To know our product range please access our website. Right now we are looking...

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BUY Aug 12' 2021 (Italy)

We are wholesalers of home decor, fashion garments and fashion accessories to fashion stores. Please visit our website to see our product range. We are planning to buy shopping bags, stylish tote bags and laptop bags for men and women. We will buy around 100 bags of cotton, canvas, acrylic,...

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BUY Jul 15' 2021 (Poland)

At present we would like to buy jute, natural fiber and PVC made brown fruit and laundry baskets in various sizes. With 30 years experience we are a cloth manufacturing company in Poland. We have our own brand and network of 1800 stores. Please see our website to know more...

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BUY Jul 06' 2021 (Germany)

Right now we are required to buy office chairs , swing chairs, sofas, centre tables and drawers tables for home, office, garden and hotels. We will buy these antique and trendy wooden, bamboo, glass and metal furniture in bulk. We are a home and interior products company offering seasonal decoration for...

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BUY May 31' 2021 (Denmark)

We are interested in buying sheets, pillow covers, cushion covers and duvets of cotton, polyester, bamboo and silk. We needt to buy plain, dyed and printed bed linen in various colours. We are a Denmark based gift shop. We are selling Christmas ornaments, interior items and gift articles world wide....

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