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Importing Flavors and Food Additives from India

buydate_rangeOct 15' 2018 /  (Singapore)

We manufacturer, market, distribute healthcare products. We offer world renowned ointment, is being customized into a range of formulations that suit customers specific needs. Please have a look at our website for more details. At the moment we are looking to buy Capsicum Oleoresin for using as daily food flavors....
Looking to purchase Flavours/Spices from Indian Suppliers

buydate_rangeOct 15' 2018 /  (Singapore)

Since 1996, our name has been synonymous with high quality, fresh and affordable meals. From gourmet cuisines to everyday comfort food, we have the competencies to offer them all. Please have a look at our website for more details. We are looking to purchase Spices like Cinnamon, Bay Leaves, Clove,...
Sourcing Flavors/Spices for Bahrain

buydate_rangeOct 12' 2018 /  (Bahamas)

We are a specialized division of the family owned group with a pioneering yet steadfast approach to large scale and industrial provision. We are the largest foodservice supplier in the Kingdom of Bahrain, please come to our homepage for more details. We need to import Spices like Red Chilli, Coriander,...
Wanted Flavours/Spices

buydate_rangeOct 12' 2018 /  (Saudi Arabia)

Ours is a trading company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and we deal in agro commodities like spices, rice, flour, grains and pulses, etc. We are in a position to buy whole Spices like Coriander, Turmeric, Fennel Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, etc. The seeds should be packed in 15 kgs bags...
Interested in Buying Kashmiri Kesar from India

buydate_rangeOct 12' 2018 /  (Malaysia)

Based in Selangor, Malaysia, we are a food-based company dealing with grocery products like spices, pulses, etc. We are interested in buying about 10 kgs of Kashmiri Saffron. Interested manufacturers, kindly quote your best offers and specifications asap. Price Terms: FOB/CIF Min. Order Qty.: About 10 kgs Destination
Seeking Herbal Extract Suppliers from India

buydate_rangeOct 12' 2018 /  (New Zealand)

We are based in New Zealand and deal in herbal extract, raw materials and herbs. For using in cosmetics and food we require pure and natural Turmeric Powder in bulk quantity from India. If you can supply the same as per our requirement then only get in touch with pricing...
Sourcing Assorted Spices

buydate_rangeOct 11' 2018 /  (Canada)

We are a privately held export oriented company working with Spices, Pulses and most recently Almonds. We work with farmers and their distributors to source high quality products. Please have a look at our website for more details. Right now we are interested in buying powdered or grounded Spices like...
Seeking Organic Spice suppliers

buydate_rangeOct 11' 2018 /  (Germany)

We are a German company dealing in spices. We supply to wholesalers and companies in the food industry. For further details please make a visit to our website. Right now we need to buy Organic Spices like Turmeric, Coriander, Pepper, Chilies, Cumin etc. We would prefer hot, mild powder and...
Looking to buy Indian Spices/Liquid Oleoresins

buydate_rangeOct 05' 2018 /  (Serbia)

Ours is Serbia based health store. We offer base and essential oils, herbal powders, natural soaps, cosmetic oils etc. To know more about us please make a visit to our website. We are in search of suppliers who can supply Indian Oleoresins like Cinnamon, Pepper, Oregano, Amla, Neem, Aloe, Turmeric,...
Need Red Chilli from India

buydate_rangeOct 05' 2018 /  (Malaysia)

We are a trading company based in Malaysia and we deal in spices, kacang thana, chilly kering, etc. We are interested in sourcing dried and whole Red Chilli in bulk quantity. Concerned suppliers please contact us with detailed specifications along with best quotes. Price Terms : FOB/CIF Min. Order Qty.:...