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Natural Ropes

buydate_rangeDec 03' 2018 /  (Qatar)

Our company is specialized in Structural Design and Engineering solutions for green sustainable structural system. We are in search of suppliers who can supply Fiber Manila Ropes in bulk quantity. Please let us know the best price you can offer for long term business deal.Price Terms : CIFMin. Order Qty:...
Heavy Duty Ropes

buydate_rangeNov 08' 2018 /  (Malaysia)

Ours is an Malaysian company and we provide engineering services for Oil and Gas Industry. To know more please visit our homepage.Presently, we are in need of buying Dyneema SK75 Ropes of diameter 8mm in white color. We will buy these polyethylene ropes from reliable suppliers so kindly share...
Coir block 5kg

buydate_rangeOct 16' 2018 /  (India)

Product specification 5 Kg Coir Pith Block Type -Coco Peat-Blocks Size 30x30x12cm ± 2mm Weight 5kg ± 200g Compression ratio 5 : 1 Electrical Conductivity 0.5ms/cm pH 5.2 to 6.8 Expansion 70 to 80 liters Moisture 10 to 15%
Need to buy Synthetic Ropes

buydate_rangeAug 17' 2018 /  (Norway)

We have a long tradition of supplying fishing gear to the Norwegian coastal fleet. Since 1972, we have produced and supplied equipment to quality-conscious customers in fisheries and aquaculture. Please visit our website for more information. Right now we are in search of suppliers who can supply Nylon Ropes...
Looking for Decorative Ropework Garden Products

buydate_rangeJul 05' 2018 /  (Romania)

Based in Romania. Currently, we are in need of buying Macrame Plant Hangers of size 39 inches with miniature gardening hand tools. The concerned suppliers are requested to contact us with product details and best price. Price Terms : FOB Payment Terms : Bank Transfer Min. Order Qty: about 1000 macrame plant...
Seeking Polymer Ropes for Indonesia

buydate_rangeApr 25' 2018 /  (Indonesia)

Our company was established in 2014. We are specialized in supplying a wide range of products, such as abrasives, cutting and welding products, safety products, etc. Currently, we need to buy Polypropylene Rope as per below-mentioned specifications and length of these Merah and Biru ropes should be 220 meter...
Wanted Braided Ropes

buydate_rangeApr 18' 2018 /  (Brazil)

Our company provides freight and shipping transportation service for more than 20 years.We deal in Import/ Export and shipment business field. You can know more from our website. We have an urgent requirement of buying Polypropylene Ropes and Basket braided Ropes with rubber core. We want to buy these...
Looking to buy Metal Wire

buydate_rangeApr 10' 2018 /  (Brazil)

We are a Brazilian company, We are business consultants and professionals We are looking to buy AWS A5.20 E71t-1 Welded Tubular Wire that is 1.2 mm thick with reels packing of 15 kgs in bulk quantity. Please send us the product specifications and pricing asap. Thanks in...
Interested in purchasing Jute Ropes

buydate_rangeMar 26' 2018 /  (Belgium)

We are a Belgian company and are farm equipment suppliers. We are interested in purchasing strong, eco-friendly and biodegradable braided rope Jute Twine in bulk quantity. Efforts will be appreciated if suppliers who are in a position to deliver us the aforementioned product, please contact us with detailed specifications...
Ready to buy PP/PE Ropes

buydate_rangeMar 13' 2018 /  (Portugal)

We are a portugal based company and we offer a wide range of products like supplements for 4 legs (dogs and cats), Performance for 4 legs (dogs and cats), Pigeons, Songbirds and tropical birds. Please visit our website for further information. We are ready to buy high quality PE and...