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Hospital/Surgicals/Medical Devices/Hospital Consumables

buydate_rangeDec 09' 2018 /  (India)

1. Polypropylene suture N" 01x12unit x 80 = 960 2. Polypropylene Suture N" 1/0 x 12unit x 80 = 960 3. Polypropylene Suture N" 3/0 x 10unit x 40 = 400 4. Polypropylene Suture in 0 x 12unit x 80 = 960 5. Polypropylene Suture in the 2/0 x 12unit x...
Reflex Sensor With Background Suppression

buydate_rangeDec 08' 2018 /  (India)

It Would be nice if I got a good Condition Soon
Looking to import Medical Disposables

buydate_rangeNov 27' 2018 /  (Singapore)

We are Singapore registered company, specialized in designing, developing & manufacturing springs and critical application components. Please make a visit to our website for more details.For medical use we want to buy Respirator Masks from reliable suppliers. Kindly contact us with best and precise quotes for further discussion.Price Terms :...
Furnishing Products and Garments for Hospitals

buydate_rangeNov 01' 2018 /  (Malta)

We are into various projects ranging from construction, education, export etc. At present we have an urgent requirement of Disposable Hospital Items for patient’s use like Bed Sheet, Pillow Cover, Bath Towel, Face Towel, Blanket, Baby Blanket, Patient, Pajama, Patient Gown, Pillows, Draw Sheets, Baby T Shirt for newborn,...
Require Medical Disposable Gloves

buydate_rangeOct 30' 2018 /  (Korea)

Based in Seoul, Korea we were established in 1996. We began working in the air conditioner, now we are marketing wide range of products like washing machines, refrigerators and televisions under our brand name etc. Please have a look at our website for further details. We are looking to buy...
Need Surgical Disposables and Supply

buydate_rangeOct 24' 2018 /  (Israel)

We offer unique products and solutions, using various electrical and electro-mechanical technologies. Please have a look at our website for further information. We are looking to buy Surgical Needles. The diameter of the needle should be 0.25 mm, one side can be lancet point or pen point, on...
Buying Premium quality Industrial and Medical Disposable Wear

buydate_rangeOct 23' 2018 /  (Australia)

We are a wholesaler of industrial Safety and Medical Hardware products in Australia. We offer safety garments, hand protection, head and face protection, eye protection, hygiene, accessories, industrial products etc. Please visit our website for more details. We would like to buy Industrial Disposable like Disposable Gowns, Disposable Aprons, Disposable...
Surgical/Ortho Disposables and Instruments from India

buydate_rangeOct 08' 2018 /  (Oman)

Headquartered in Muscat, we represent more than 200 different brands of medical suppliers, has six divisions and offices in Muscat. Please have a look at our website for more details. We are interested in CE certified Surgical Instruments and Accessories, like RMS Infusion Set, Nebuliser Aeromis, Flex Mask, Beretta, Guedel...
Seeking Plastic Surgery Items from India

buydate_rangeSep 19' 2018 /  (USA)

We are based in USA and at the moment we are looking to import Plastic Surgery Items. We would prefer to deal with Indian or Chinese suppliers. Please share product specifications and best quotes for further discussion.
Need Nasal Dilator

buydate_rangeSep 18' 2018 /  (Spain)

Hello, we are trading company from Spain. Presently, we are in need of buying Nasal Dilator. Please see the attached picture of product and let us know if you are able to supply the same. We would like to receive your best price and company profile for further discussion.