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buydate_rangeJul 10' 2018 /  (Egypt)

We are sourcing following ores Copper Ore 20% , Manganese Ore 35%-45% , Lead Ore 40%-50% , Zinc ore 35% Please quote your best offers
Looking to buy Metal Bars

buydate_rangeJul 03' 2018 /  (USA)

Established in 1987 in London, our company was incorporated in the USA in 1995. We specialise in facilitating the international trade of commodities in critical sectors of world economy. Kindly visit our website for more. Presently, we need to buy S420 grade Cold Iron Bars in bulk quantity. Interested suppliers...
Seeking Cast Iron Ingots

buydate_rangeMay 16' 2018 /  (Egypt)

Ours is a marketing and sales company for trailers, hydraulic equipment for garbage, road lifting equipment and accessories. Please visit our website for more information. Currently, we are seeking Cast Iron Ingots, each weighing about 5-15 kgs, with 3- 4.2% Carbon, 1.5- 2% Silicon, 0.15% Phosphor,...
Ready to buy Iron Ore/Mineral

buydate_rangeMar 30' 2018 /  (Vietnam)

We are a company based in Vietnam and we mainly deal in Agro-commodities and food products. We are ready to buy 69.5% - 70% iron ore like Hematite packed in bulk in bulk quantity. We will be buying the mineral on a regular basis per month, if you can...
Seeking Iron Ores

buydate_rangeMar 30' 2018 /  (Vietnam)

Our company is based in Vietnam and engaged in import-export business. We would like to buy Magnetite Iron Ore of size 10-30 mm in bulk quantity. We need two types of magnetite iron ores with 63 - 64% ore and 95% ore minimum on monthly basis. The concerned suppliers...
Seeking Ductile Sewerage Covers and Surface Boxes

buydate_rangeFeb 13' 2018 /  (Germany)

We are a German company that offer products like manhole covers, drainage channels, surface boxes, street furniture. For further info please visit our website. We are seeking black and grey Surface Boxes and Manhole Covers made of Iron and Ductile Iron for pipeline manhole in bulk quantity. If you are...
Interested in Public Utilities Products/Sewerage and Drainage Products

buydate_rangeJan 16' 2018 /  (Romania)

Our company started in June 2016 , Our company revolutionizes your lifestyle by making everyday move much simpler and more independent.. For further details visit our website. Currently we are interested in Ductile Iron Manhole Covers in Black color only in bulk quantity. If in a position to deliver, please contact...
Looking for Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap

buydate_rangeJan 11' 2018 /  (Malaysia)

We are the supplier of Natural Resources, Ready Supply to China, Singapore, Brunei, India, Mauritius & all over the world. Currently, we are looking for the suppliers who can supply Manganese Steel Scrap containing minimum 14% manganese. Please let us know the best price, company profile etc so that we can...
Looking for Ironmongery/Iron Decoratives- Metal Tubes, Bar, Pipe, Arrow etc

buydate_rangeDec 29' 2017 /  (Qatar)

We are a trading company, based in Qatar We want to import Wrought Iron Ornaments like tubes, design bars, S-shape flowers, D-pipe, arrows, etc. Please feel free to contact us for further discussion to know our exact requirement. Looking for best offer asap. Please also send your latest...
Wanted Industrial Metal Scrap for Ireland

buydate_rangeDec 20' 2017 /  (Ireland)

We were was established in 1996. We provide a high quality recycling service to our customers. We are committed to continual development of the potential for metal and glass recycling by Irish Industry. Please make a visit to our website for more information. Presently, we want to import Metal Scrap...