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Baking and Cooking Accessories

buydate_rangeDec 28' 2018 /  (Hong Kong)

We are interior designers and decorators. Presently, we are looking to buy Meat Defrosting Trays with Drip Plates of 29.5 x 20.8, 35.5 x 20.5cm made up of aluminum. We would prefer to buy these meat defrosting trays which must comply with FDA certifications. Please contact...
Ceramic Bake Ware

buydate_rangeNov 21' 2018 /  (UK)

Our company is based in UK and we are in to trading of various products. We are interested to buy Eco-Friendly Baking & Pastry Tools like Mason Varsity Ceramic Rolling Pin, Flour Shaker And Pastry Measure in Cream Color in size 33 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm, which...
Seeking Baking Equipment/Bakery Mats

buydate_rangeNov 21' 2018 /  (UK)

Our company is based in UK and we are in to trading of various products. We would like to import Non Stick Sets of Silicone Baking Mat of thickness 0.75 mm or 1/32" and it should be thick and large. We want these silicone mat for different...
Looking to purchase Food/ Beverages Dispensing Machine

buydate_rangeOct 17' 2018 /  (Malaysia)

Our company is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we deal in hotel and restaurant supplies. Please visit our website for more details. We are looking to purchase Dispensers, for yogurt and ice cream shops, topping bars, coffee shops, tea shop, etc. The dispenser should be made of stainless steel,...
Dry Food making (for dog) Machine

buydate_rangeOct 11' 2018 /  (Iran)

We are trader of dry fruits and agricultural commodities, based in Iran. At the moment we are looking to import Dry Food (for dog) Machine. The concerned suppliers need to send us product pictures, operating manuals and pricing sheet to proceed further.
Industrial Food Processing Machinery/Equipment

buydate_rangeSep 19' 2018 /  (Malaysia)

Hi, there we are from Malaysia. For industrial use, idli making we require Streamer Gas Stove and Large Idli Trays made up of steel or aluminium metal. We need gas steamer with capacity of holding 10 large idli tray at a time and tray should be star shape, epal shape...
Food Processing Machinery

buydate_rangeAug 08' 2018 /  (New Zealand)

We are Auckland’s newest Indian eatery carrying the best selection of your favourite pan-Indian sweets and dishes. Please make a visit to our website for further details. We would like to buy Kitchen Equipment like Khoya Making Machine, Pista Cutting Machine, S.S Body Oven, S.S Body...
Ready to buy Food Processing Machine

buydate_rangeJun 29' 2018 /  (Australia)

We are based in Hoya, Australia and we create a sustainable livestock feed in a time efficient and cost-effective manner. Please visit our website for more information. For making animal feed, we are ready to buy Dry Nut Shell Grinder Machine made of stainless or carbon iron with a...
Looking to buy Food Processing Machine from India

buydate_rangeJun 22' 2018 /  (Malaysia)

We are a food based company in Johor, Malaysia and we offer products like cooking oil, flour, spices, pickles, kitchenware products etc. We are looking to buy brand new Pulverizer Spice Grinding Machine and we need about 1 or 2 sets. Interested suppliers may get in touch for business with...
Need Food Processing Machinery/Confectionery Machinery

buydate_rangeJun 07' 2018 /  (UAE)

Ours is an innovative and regionally recognized Dubai-based group of companies that specialize in the manufacturing, local and regional distribution, global export and marketing of a diverse range of unique savory snacks and confectionary items. Please visit our website to know more about us. For viscous fluid mixer, we...