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BUY Jun 01' 2020 (Oman)

At present we need to buy 99% pure various essential oils such as clove oil, resinoid oil, olibanum oil and lavender oil in pellet packing. Our company was established in 1947 in Oman. We are a group, consisting of several dynamic companies with diversified business like FMCG, Solar power, pharmaceuticals...

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BUY May 30' 2020 (Malaysia)

We manufacture a wide range of products to meet customers requirements, we are in the development and production of tailor-made flavours and seasonings for our clients in the food & beverage industry. Please visit our website to know more about us. At the moment we require Essential oils such as...

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BUY May 30' 2020 (Singapore)

We offer ancient Indian Vedic products, services and lifestyle solutions that speak the language of tradition and wellness. Please have a look at our website to know more about us. We urgently need Essential Oils such as Rose Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, etc from India. We will...

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BUY May 29' 2020 (Indonesia)

Established in 1968, we are one of Indonesias key manufacturers in the field of food, flavor, and fragrance ingredients. To know more about us please visit our website. Right now we require 100% pure Ginger Oil in yellow color. If you are able to supply the same at a reasonable...

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BUY May 29' 2020 (New Zealand)

We offer tactile and olfactory compilation of beauty, wellness and healing products with finest, natural and organic ingredients. Please have a look at our website to know more about us. Now we would prefer to buy 100% natural aromatherapy oils such as clary sage oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil,...

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BUY May 28' 2020 (Thailand)

Established in 1995 our company is a leading supplier of functional ingredients and additives used in food, health food and cosmetic industries Please visit our website to know more about us. We are going to buy 100 Kg pure garlic oil, ginger oil, fennel oil, spearmint oil, clove oil, davana...

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BUY May 27' 2020 (Thailand)

Our company is the leading distributor of high-quality and reliable raw materials for cosmetics, home care, food, dietary supplement, as well as health and beauty instrument. Please have a look at our website Right now we are going to buy 500 Kg of pure essential oils such as garlic...

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BUY May 26' 2020 (Thailand)

Currently, we are planning to buy 99% pure liquid and powdered essential oil such as lavender oil, rose oil and rosemary oil in bulk. We are a supplier of specialty chemicals and raw materials serving a wide range of industries in Thailand. For detailed information please visit our webpage. We...

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BUY May 21' 2020 (Thailand)

Our company was founded in 2002 and we are specialists in additives for painting and coating household and personal care cosmetics. To know more about us please visit our website Currently, we are in need of buying liquid, organic bergamot oil, aniseed oil, cassia oil and basil oil in bulk....

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BUY May 18' 2020 (UK)

Our company was established in 2008 in the UK. We are global sales partners for several producers of chemicals, natural and organic products, for use by Flavour & Fragrance, Pharmaceutical, Oral and Personal Care industries. To know our product range please visit our website. Now we require to buy 100% pure...

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