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Hospital Surgicals/Medical devices/Hospital Consumables/Pharmaceutical Equipments/Spares

buydate_rangeDec 15' 2018 /  (India)

I Have Export Orders for Drugs to Supply African Countries. We want Hospital Items for Export .
Hospital Surgicals/Medical devices/Hospital Consumables

buydate_rangeDec 15' 2018 /  (India)

We need Urgently Vancomycin 500mg Liquid Injection, 10ml Vial... for Exports.
Hospital Surgicals/Medical devices/Hospital Consumables

buydate_rangeDec 09' 2018 /  (India)

1. Glove Latex N/narrowed T-G x 1000unit =6800 2. Glove Latex N/narrowed T-M x 1000unit = 6800 3. Glove Latex N/narrowed T-S x 1000unit = 6800 4. Surgical Gloves TM-8 x 50unit = 1360 5. Surgical Gloves TM-7.5 x 50unit = 1360 6. Disposable Elastic...
Hospital Surgical/Medical Devices/Hospital Consumables

buydate_rangeDec 09' 2018 /  (India)

1. Needle (Butterfly) - No.23x100x10000=1000000 2. Needle (Butterfly) - No.25x100x10000=1000000 3. Urine Collector Bag with Vs and Exit 500ml= 2000 4. Syringe w/needle 20ml x100unitx2000= 200000 5. Suction Probe w/vacuum Control che 12-50cm = 650 6. Suction Probe w/vacuum Control che 14-50cm = 650 7....
Hospital/Surgicals/Medical Devices/Hospital Consumables

buydate_rangeDec 09' 2018 /  (India)

1. Polypropylene suture N" 01x12unit x 80 = 960 2. Polypropylene Suture N" 1/0 x 12unit x 80 = 960 3. Polypropylene Suture N" 3/0 x 10unit x 40 = 400 4. Polypropylene Suture in 0 x 12unit x 80 = 960 5. Polypropylene Suture in the 2/0 x 12unit x...
Seeking Third Party Manufacturers for Cosmetic Products

buydate_rangeOct 10' 2018 /  (UK)

Hello, we are based in UK and deal in beauty and cosmetic products. We require third party manufacturer of following eyelash products: Eyelash strip glue, Eyelash shampoo/ cleanser (pump) Tweezers Eyelash Wand Brushes, Eyelash packaging etc with private labeling. Please contact us with company profile, and other relevant details like...
Requirement of Ayurvedic Medicine and Organic Herbal Nutraceuticals

buydate_rangeJul 12' 2018 /  (New Zealand)

Established in the year 2009 we offer products like healthy organic food and supplements. Please visit our website for further details. We require certified organic Herbal Supplements like Ashwagandha and Triphala with a shelf life of about 2 years in various packings. If you are ready to supply then contact...
Need Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbal Extracts from India

buydate_rangeJul 06' 2018 /  (Singapore)

We are the company that strongly believes in providing the best in natural health and food supplements to our valuable Clients and Customers. For further details please visit our website. We are in need of Moringa Leaf Capsules and Extracts and we need it from certified and registered suppliers. The...
Requirement of Cough Tablets from India

buydate_rangeJun 12' 2018 /  (UAE)

We come to the market with over 50 years of experience in trading and manufacturing. We offer Perfumes, Locks, Skin care products, Aerosoles, Air Fresheners etc. Kindly visit our homepage to know more about us. We require genuine Vicks Tablets in honey flavour and we need about 30 such cartons....
Wanted Third Party Manufacturer for Azithromycin, Levocetirizine, Aceclofenac etc

buydate_rangeJun 08' 2018 /  (India)

We are a Pharmaceutical company based in Bijnor, UP. We are looking for Third Party Manufacturer who can supply Azithromycin 250mg, Levocetirizine 5mgtab, Aceclofenac +pcmtab..Itraconazole100mgcap.. Diclofenac pot +serratiopaptidase tab. This will be our regular requirement as we need these products for reselling purpose. Please do contact us with your...