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Coir block 5kg

buydate_rangeOct 16' 2018 /  (India)

Product specification 5 Kg Coir Pith Block Type -Coco Peat-Blocks Size 30x30x12cm ± 2mm Weight 5kg ± 200g Compression ratio 5 : 1 Electrical Conductivity 0.5ms/cm pH 5.2 to 6.8 Expansion 70 to 80 liters Moisture 10 to 15%
Buying 100% Cotton Organic Yarn from India

buydate_rangeOct 09' 2018 /  (Japan)

Our company is based in textile town Ichinomiya in Japan. We provide high-quality products widely to domestic and overseas. Please make a visit to our website for more details. We would like to buy 100% Organic Cotton Yarn which suitable for using in embroidery, hand knitting, knitting, sewing, weaving...
Wanted Cotton Fibre

buydate_rangeSep 11' 2018 /  (Italy)

We are Italy based company providing best quality textiles in the world. To know more about us kindly visit our website. For knitting, sewing, making garments, etc., we are in a position to buy dyed, woven and finished Cotton Yarn, in bulk quantity. Interested suppliers may get in touch for...
Looking for Yarns/Fibres from India

buydate_rangeSep 05' 2018 /  (Poland)

Our company produce, import and deliver natural, artificial, and synthetic yarns to our client. We are one of the largest European Distributors of textiles and technical yarns. Please have a look at our website for details. We are interested in buying Textile Yarns like Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Polyamide, Jute, Bamboo,...
Looking for White Cotton Yarn/Thread for Sewing

buydate_rangeSep 04' 2018 /  (France)

We are premium quality, fashion-inspired crafts brand that inspire people to express their unique style. Please visit our website for more details. We are in search of suppliers who can supply 100% Cotton Sewing Thread in white color having yarn count 40/2 D. Interested Indian suppliers who can...
Seeking Cotton Fiber Suppliers for Indonesia

buydate_rangeSep 04' 2018 /  (Indonesia)

We are Indonesian garment manufacturer since 1990. We aim to provide professional and comfortable garments for daily wear. To know more please visit our website. We want to buy Cotton Yarn with cotton count 40/20 in bulk quantity. If you can supply the same in various colors then please...
Interested in Cotton/Synthetic Fibres

buydate_rangeSep 04' 2018 /  (Ukraine)

We are Ukrainian producer of textiles and textile haberdashery, working since 1994. We produce more than 20 groups of high-quality products like shoelaces, elastics, expanders, ribbons, etc. Please have a look at our website for more details. We are interested in Blended Yarn like 100% Cotton Ne 12 and...
Ready to buy Cotton Yarn

buydate_rangeAug 24' 2018 /  (Japan)

Established in the year 2009, our company is into manufacturing of heat resistant fabric for bag filter and high tenacity spinning yarn. We are ready to buy Cotton Yarn, preferably in black and brown colors, with yarn counts of 60's, 70's, 90's and 160's. Our requirement...
Import Mixed Pattern Woven Fabrics

buydate_rangeAug 17' 2018 /  (Japan)

Our company was established in 1974. We are exporting Japanese traditional, comfortable, modern and good quality merchandises. Please have a look at our website for more details. We are searching for suppliers who can supply mixed pattern Fabrics like Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, etc. We will buy these fabrics in different...
Need Woven Fabrics

buydate_rangeAug 14' 2018 /  (Germany)

We are a jewelry & watches shop in Bielefeld, Germany and we have costume jewelry and textiles from India and Sri Lanka. We are in need of cotton, polyester, woven, etc. Fabric in colors like black, red, green, etc. in bulk quantity. Please contact us if you are in a position...