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Wanted Sisal Fiber Mats

buydate_rangeJan 17' 2018 /  (India)

We are Mumbai and currently looking for the suppliers who can supply Sisal Fiber Mats in bulk quantity. We will be buying Sisal Fiber Mats on a regular basis for export and industrial use. Looking for best quotes asap along with products images.
Seeking for Fiber Plants in Ivory Coast

buydate_rangeJan 12' 2018 /  (Cote D)

We are a company based in Ivory Coast and are seeking for high-quality Sisal Fibre originating from East Africa for gypsum and minimum order quantity will be discussed later. Pricing terms: CIF/FOB Destination Port: Port of Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Looking for Brown Coconut Peat Blocks from India

buydate_rangeDec 21' 2017 /  (Spain)

Ours is a young company founded by professionals. We saw also because of the excellent qualities of coconut fiber for use as a substrate. For more details please visit our website. Presently we are looking to import Coco Peat Blocks in brown color having 15 percent fiber mixing. We need...
Looking to buy Coir Peat Blocks

buydate_rangeDec 20' 2017 /  (Turkey)

We are agricultural product importers and distributors/wholesalers in Istanbul, Turkey, and deal in agricultural materials like peat, coco peat, perlite, vermiculite, fertilizer. We are looking to buy Raw Coco Peat in 5kg blocks form in bulk. Interested companies may get in touch for business with details like pricing, delivery...
Interested in buying Coir Peat Blocks

buydate_rangeDec 07' 2017 /  (Spain)

We offer products for gardening, substrates for nurseries, cover soil for mushrooms and peat beds for treatment plants. For further details please visit our website. We are interested in buying 5 Kg Blocks of Coco Peat like Coir Pith Blocks with 80% Low EC Coco Peat & 20% Fibre & others in...
Wanted Coir Hydroponic Grow Bags from India

buydate_rangeDec 01' 2017 /  (Greece)

We are based in Greece, dealing in industrial supply. Currently, we need Indian suppliers for buying Hydroponic Grow Bags for Tomato. We will buy hydroponic bags of dimension 120x20x14cm (expanded size), and 5 kg blocks (70% Coir And 30% Chip) for making own mix to fill bags. If you can...
Seeking Suppliers of Coir Door/Floor Mats from India

buydate_rangeNov 29' 2017 /  (South Africa)

We are flooring wholesaler that service South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho and other African countries. Our wide product range of imported and locally manufactured goods are converted and packed by us to suit market needs. Please make a visit to our website for more details. We are looking to...
Seeking Suppliers of Coir Peat Blocks

buydate_rangeNov 27' 2017 /  (Spain)

Our company was born in 2009, within the sector of landscaping and forestry services. Operating in 5 peatlands that produce more than 500,000 m3 of peat moss. Please come to our website for more details. We are searching suppliers who can supply Coco Peat block in brown color. Please...
Interested in buying Coconut Husk Products/Coir Peat Blocks

buydate_rangeNov 16' 2017 /  (Czech Republic)

We deal primarily with metalworking with a focus on wire program, sheet metal pressing, bending and shaping of tubes, machining and powder coating especially for automotive industry. For further details please visit our website. Currently we are looking to buy Coco Peat in 5kg Block in bulk. Companies that are...
Coconut Peat Blocks For Italy

buydate_rangeNov 09' 2017 /  (Italy)

We are a Farm Supplies Industry based in Italy.We required to buy Best Quality Brown Block of Coconut Peat in 5Kg and 10 kg Blocks. Visit our website for more details.Interested supplier please contact us along with product details and best pricing offer. Waiting for your quick response....