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Bitumen 60/70

buydate_rangeJul 17' 2018 /  (India)

We are looking for procuring BITUMEN 60/70. Our regular requirement is 2500 tons/month
Import Coal Residue- Fly Ash Powder

buydate_rangeJul 06' 2018 /  (Japan)

Our group was founded in 1884. Today, we operate unique recycling-oriented businesses that range extensively from the production of metal and high value-added products to waste treatment and recycling. To know more please visit our website. For making ceramic honeycomb we want to buy 98% pure Fly Ash...
Interested in Natural Fuel

buydate_rangeJun 12' 2018 /  (Korea)

Ours is a Korean company and we are interested in Coconut Charcoal measuring 4 x 8 and 3 x 6 in 1 ton jumbo bags in bulk quantity. Please contact us if you are in a position to supply and please also send best CIF prices, delivery details and detailed...
Seeking Coal/BioFuels Suppliers

buydate_rangeJun 11' 2018 /  (UAE)

Based in Dubai, UAE, we are into household and kitchenware products like chilli cutter, tiffin boxes, pressure cookers, wooden charcoals, etc. We are looking for 751, 752, 753 grade Wood Charcoal for iron in bulk quantity. Kindly quote your best offers with grade details. Price Terms : CIF Payment Terms : T/...
Seeking Charcoal Suppliers

buydate_rangeJun 05' 2018 /  (UAE)

We are a heavy industries company, specialized in trading of metals like ferrous & non-ferrous alloy. Please visit our website for more details. We are looking to buy low ash Metallurgical Coal, i.e less than 2% ash, 1% sulphur, 12% moisture, 6% swelling index and 20% Fe2O3 in ash,...
Need Fuel Coal

buydate_rangeMay 25' 2018 /  (UAE)

We are a real estate and trading company in Dubai, UAE and we offer in depth market expertise and have intimate knowledge of Dubai’s most desirable neighbourhoods and buildings. Please visit our website for more details. We are in need of Petroleum Coke with maximum 8% volatile moisture content...
Interested in Charcoal

buydate_rangeMay 23' 2018 /  (Australia)

We are a fast developing international trading company located in Queensland, Australia. We have been involved in Import & Export of Hand Tool, Australian Coal, EBook, Australian Beef, Australian Red Wine, etc. We are interested in Anthracite Coal lump in bulk quantity. Please contact us if you are in a position...
Looking to buy Industrial Fuel/Coal

buydate_rangeMay 16' 2018 /  (Japan)

We are a Japanese industrial company looking to buy less volatile Industrial Charcoal, measuring 30-70 mm in diameter and 60-130 mm in length, with fixed carbon over 72% or 80% and normal moisture content, packed in 10- 15 kgs PP, paper bags or recycle bags with no printing,...
Charcoal Powder

buydate_rangeMay 04' 2018 /  (Japan)

We are Japan-based grocery store providing all kind of food products like frozen fruits, juices, edible oils, ready to eat products etc. For further details please make a visit to our website. We are looking to buy Charcoal Dust Powder in bulk quantity which can be used as raw...
Wanted Organic Fuel/ Charcoal Briquettes

buydate_rangeApr 13' 2018 /  (Cyprus)

Our company is based in Cyprus and engaged in trading of coffee, juices, organic fuel, candies etc. We are in a position to buy Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes with a capability to burn for about 6 hours, measuring 20 cms and weighing about 10 kgs packed in cartons in bulk quantity....