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Buying Animal feed Additives

buydate_rangeOct 31' 2018 /  (Japan)

Our company was established in 1999. We manufacture and trade different products like food, cosmetics, quasi-drugs etc. Please make a visit to our website for more details. We would like to buy Feed Nutrition Enhancers like Glycine, Proline, Threonine, Tyrosine, Valine, etc. We need 100% organic nutrition enhancers in...
Seeking Allicin suppliers

buydate_rangeOct 30' 2018 /  (Korea)

Based in in South Korea we are only one leading suppliers of (N-Carbamylglutamate) NCG. We aims to supplying new conception of advanced bio technology developed & its products. For further details please visit our website. We are importing Allicin for feed additive use. Please offer us price with COA, MOA...
Buying Aluminum Boxes for Veterinary Kits

buydate_rangeOct 24' 2018 /  (Uzbekistan)

Based in Uzbekistan we are importers. Currently, we need to import Aluminium Veterinary Kits in small sizes and silver color. Please let us know if you are in position to supply the same at reasonable price. Hope to hear from you soon. Price Terms : CIF Min. Order Qty: about 200...
Looking for Nutraceuticals/Supplement Suppliers

buydate_rangeSep 21' 2018 /  (Malaysia)

Since 1991 we are expertise in pioneering solutions and marketing benefits and value-packed animal healthcare products, related equipment and accessories that make animal life better. Have a look at our website for more detail. At the moment we need Vitamins and Mineral like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and all...
Import Veterinary Nutraceuticals/Supplements for Horses

buydate_rangeSep 19' 2018 /  (Australia)

We are an Australian company. We make and sell a range of affordable and quality wear for horse and rider. Please have a look at our website for more details. At present we are in search of Indian suppliers who can supply Horse Supplements like Dynavyte 1L, Epro Glow Oil,...
Wanted Fish Vaccination Products/Aqua Vet Products

buydate_rangeSep 12' 2018 /  (Spain)

We offer technical solutions for the breeding, cultivation, health and transport of fish and crustaceans, as per requirement of our customer. We are looking to buy stainless steel Needles which can be used for fish vaccination. We would prefer to deal with manufacturers who can supply 3-6mm stainless steel...
Wanted Additives for Animal Feed/Phosphatidylcholine/Lecithin

buydate_rangeJul 19' 2018 /  (Australia)

Our company was founded in 1945 and is based in Australia. We formulate and supply personal care and cosmetic ingredients, medicinal herbs and botanical extracts, food applications, chemical and herbal products, etc. Please see our website for details. Presently, we need Lecithin like antibiotic and antibacterial agents, enzymes, minerals and...
Herma E8 oil

buydate_rangeJul 09' 2018 /  (India)

Herma E8 oil it is tpye of animal oil
Looking to import Veterinary Drugs for Sri Lanka

buydate_rangeMay 17' 2018 /  (Sri Lanka)

Dear Sir, We are registered company in Sri Lanka dealing in veterinary medicine. We also import veterinary medicine and drugs. We need to buy following Veterinary Drugs as per mentioned quantity: 1. Oxytetracycline Wound spray for cattle and dogs in100ML /200ML cans: 3000 Cans per order. 2. Intramammary Infusion for...
Need to buy Veterinary Product/Injections for Cattle

buydate_rangeMay 16' 2018 /  (Sri Lanka)

We are registered company in Sri Lanka dealing in veterinary medicine. We also import veterinary medicine and drugs. At the moment we need 1% Prednisolone Calcium Borogluconate injection otc wound spray for cattle. Interested suppliers are requested to contact us with detailed specifications and pricing quotes. Hope to hear from...