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BUY May 21' 2020 (Australia)

Currently, we are in need of buying organic and natural liquid and powdered pest control termiticide, insecticide, rodenticide,pest control insect killer / biological pesticide Thiamethoxam 25% WDG Ours is a sales and distribution company specializing in ornamental plants. We are located in Australia.Please have a look at our website...

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BUY Apr 12' 2020 (Maldives)

We offer Pest control service in Male, Maldives. We also supply agricultural products. Please visit our website to know more about us. Right now we are looking to buy Pesticides such as Rodenticides, and Bactericides in bulk quantity. Kindly send your product details with CIF pricing. Price Terms : CIF Min....

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BUY Apr 09' 2020 (Singapore)

We offer a range of clear and measurable advantages tailored precisely for business. We deal in food, healthcare, cleaning animals, pharma and other sectors. Please visit our website to know more. For using in agriculture we are buying Insecticides such as Nematode, Nematicide, Nematocide, etc. Kindly send your quotations with...

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BUY Feb 25' 2020 (Sri Lanka)

We are Agricultural machinery manufacturer in Pulastigama, Sri Lanka. We need to buy powder/liquid top agrochemicals pesticide, Termiticide, Insecticide, Rodenticides, organic natural pest control, insect killer, biological pesticide, Thiamethoxam 25%wdg agricultural chemicals for pest control We will buy these pest control chemicals in bulk so interested suppliers can...

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BUY Feb 24' 2020 (Netherlands)

We are looking for Indian suppliers who can supply agricultural grade Magnesium Sulphate in bulk quantity. We have been a household name in professional (glass) horticulture & arable farming for more than 70 years. Kindly visit our website for further details. We will be highly obliged if you could send us...

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BUY Feb 08' 2020 (Singapore)

We are in search of Indian suppliers who can supply industrial Biocides Raw Materials like Glutaraldehyde, Polyquaternary Compound etc in powder form. We are into Distribution, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of rotating equipment such as pumps, compressors, mixers and related parts. Please have a look at our website to know...

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BUY Jan 27' 2020 (Malaysia)

Now we require to buy organic Parboiled rice, Long Grain rice, White Rice in bulk and packed in box. We are Malaysian manufacturers engaged in grocery, crunchy, disk-shaped snacks, made from lentils, etc. Please visit our website to know more. We are looking forward for quick responses along with...

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BUY Jan 27' 2020 (Japan)

At present we would like to buy 99% pure granular inorganic compounds such as Biocide, Methylene Bis Thiocyanate,Other Biocides in bulk. We have been involved in the leading industries of the era such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automobile, aerospace and biotechnology etc. Please visit our website for more details. If...

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BUY Jan 23' 2020 (Spain)

Established in 2009 our company is located in Spain. Our business is trading with commodities, mainly grain, oilseed, agro chemicals etc. At the moment we are ready to buy export quality Granular Urea as per following specifications Urea N46 Nitrogen 46% (min) Moisture : 0.5% (max) Biuret : 1.0% (max)...

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BUY Dec 16' 2019 (Italy)

We are a leading company in the production and marketing of biostimulants, natural products that improve the quality and quantity of productions. Please visit our website to know more. For using in feed, fertilizer industry we want to buy Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate in crystal, powder, granular form from India. If...

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