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Seeking for Processes Fruits/Frozen Fruits

buydate_rangeSep 28' 2017 /  (Japan)

Our Company was established on August 11, 1952. We are the importer, wholesaler, manufacturer and distributor of FMCG products like agricultural products, fishery products, livestock products, seasonings, oils and fats, food additives, brewing raw materials, fertilizer etc. and also pharmaceutical industrial chemicals, chemical products and packaging materials. Please visit at...
Seeking to buy Fresh Vegetables

buydate_rangeSep 28' 2017 /  (Canada)

We are food products based company and have captured over 60% of the market for South Asian grocery products. We are now the largest distributor of South Asian grocery products in Western Canada, catering to Indian, Pakistani, and other Asian populations living in Canada. We also have products under our...
Indian Suppliers for Agricultural Commodities/Rice

buydate_rangeSep 28' 2017 /  (Singapore)

We were incorporated in 1985 as a sole proprietary trading outfit. We mainly deal in food products like basmati rice, beverages, dairy products, noodles, pickles, spices, sugar/salt etc. Please visit our website for further details. Currently, we are interested in buying different types of Rice like Basmati, Non-Basmati,...
Wanted Herbal Extract for Australia

buydate_rangeSep 28' 2017 /  (Australia)

Founded in 2004, ours is a small organization in the grocery companies industry located in Auburn, Australia Currently, we are interested in buying food grade Hibiscus Flower Powder. Interested suppliers who can supply this herbal extract can contact us with pricing quotes so that we can import samples first. Looking...
Seeking Suppliers of Frozen Ready to Eat Snacks

buydate_rangeSep 28' 2017 /  (Canada)

Our corporation began in Kuwait in 2004. Since its inception, it has expanded to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Canada. We provide highest quality ingredients to use in your restaurants, we have over 10 years of experience and established connections to meet your needs. Please visit our website. At present...
Looking for Knitted Garments/Sports Garments

buydate_rangeSep 28' 2017 /  (Portugal)

Our company is the first Group in the area of modern distribution in our country to be certified by the social responsibility standard SA 8000. Please see our website for details At present we are interested in buying Sportswear like tracksuits, t-shirts, clothing, uppers, lowers, t-shirts, boxers etc....
Wanted Brown Paper for Packaging

buydate_rangeSep 28' 2017 /  (Japan)

Ours is a trading company with 80 years of history. Our company deal with a wide range of chemicals, electronic parts, packaging materials, foods and fishing rods.. Take a look at our website for more details. Currently, we would like to import Packaging Paper in brown color from India. We...
Seeking for Suppliers of Casual Wear Jeans

buydate_rangeSep 28' 2017 /  (India)

We are Kanpur based distributors of garments. Currently we need 100 casual wear jeans in sizes 28, 30 and 32 for the purpose of further distribution to retailers. We are looking for regular supplies once we find the right match of price and quality. Interested suppliers of the same contact...
Wanted Mop and Tools

buydate_rangeSep 28' 2017 /  (India)

We are Basically a trader of Cleaning tool and items like mop etc. Currently we are looking for Microfibre Mops and other Tools on regular basis for our company. We need 1000 pieces at a time. Please contact us with catalogue and details as soon as possible. Min. Order Qty :...
Seeking Suppliers of Acrylic Bongs

buydate_rangeSep 28' 2017 /  (USA)

We are USA based company currently looking for suppliers of custom made acrylic bongs. Make sure that the quality of the product is good. Interested suppliers can contact us along with best offers, products catalog, and specifications. Looking for your prompt reply.